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Hardware and Construction – Tool Boxes (PE and Aluminium FTR Designs), Ladders, Work Benches, Contractors Tools, Wheelbarrows, Site Fencing, Safety Equipment,

Leisure –  Electronic Games, Dart Boards, Pool Tables Fuss Ball, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis

Outdoors – Cooler Boxes and Cargo Cases (Great FTR Designs), Kayaks (FTR Designs), SU Boards, Gun Cases, Tents, Camping Equipment, Camping Trailers

Furniture –Garage Storage, Bookcases, Shelving, Pantry, Wardrobe, Laundry Cupboards,

Automotive – Trailers, Trailer Cages, Loading Ramps, ToolBoxes (FTR Design) for trailers, utes, portable-PE and Aluminium), Car ramps

Garden - Tools, Chainsaws, Blowers, Line-trimmers, Playhouses, Dog Kennels, Chicken Coups, Pet Houses