FTR Solutions: Design–Innovation–Value–Ease - Integrity

Factory To Retail Solutions (FTR Solutions) was established in Australia in 2009 to connect retailers and trades people with the fast evolving global manufacturing environment. In addition to Australia the company currently has offices in China (2010) and New Zealand (2013).

Recognising the need to design and source innovative products, FTR Solutions success has been rewarded to become a valued partner with leading retail and construction companies.

We believe our strategic advantage to you is the ability to work closely with your business, to understand your customer base, your competitors and to provide innovative products and category opportunities designed and manufactured for the Australian and New Zealand market.

FTR Solutions offers you

  • Service –Australia, China, New Zealand-our own people dedicated to supporting your business.
  • Innovative Products – your company and FTR Solutions ideas and designs.
  • Manufacturing Facilities -  sourcing and focused management of quality control , compliance and ethical standards.
  • Packaging –  your requirements including artwork and barcodes.
  • Logistics – Complete range of service and options are provided and available.